Sartoria Columbia: The Flannel Shirt

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When most people think of a flannel shirt, I bet the old, heavy buffalo flannel is the first that comes to mind, complete with the oversize check, oversize fit, and blanket-like fabric. This might have worked for Paul Bunyan, but chances are you’ll look more like Dan Connor if you try to pull it off.

Advanced Water Purification: The Old Fashioned

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Time passes. Some things in this world are so suited to their niche that they do not require updating. The Old Fashioned is a progenitor of the modern cocktail, and really understanding how to manipulate its components to attain a harmonious whole is foundational learning for anyone serious about mixing drinks. This drink

Advanced Water Purification: A Gin Toddy!?

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The old-fashioned way to heat a drink: a glowing hot, wrought iron “loggerhead.” Sizzle, sizzle, HISS! A few years ago, if I’d had to choose one liquor to use in my toddies for the rest of my life I would have said Scotch without blinking an eye. These days, I’d have to give

Sartoria Columbia: My Favorite Trousers

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There are a lot of things to look forward to in the fall: foliage, college football, and vests, to name a few. As the weather turns, getting dressed becomes more fun. No longer are we constrained by heat to dictate what we put on every morning. As this is a series on our favorite items,

Advanced Water Purification: Summer’s End

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I have long tried subbing gin into Daiquiris in the hope that I could get all that herby goodness off the bar cart and onto the beach. To be honest, it’s never really worked out well until the other night, when I tried it with aged gin. What an amazingly pleasant twist on a classic

Sartoria Columbia: How to Wear a Plaid Sport Coat

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70's B-Ball Coach or Used Car Salesman? Try Haberdasher. As I sit down to write this, we have just received some beautiful wool/cashmere blend plaid coat fabrics, and I am picking a few for myself. Write what you know, I guess. Plaids come in all shapes, sizes, and colors — The big loud

Advanced Water Purification: Double Barrel Manhattans

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More like all 'round flavor variation, am I right? (ad by Savage) As I’ve talked a fair amount about aged gin lately, I’d like to use it to furnish another of our commonly used frameworks: the Manhattan. The similarities between aged gin and whiskey are immediately noticeable. Sure, it’s a little strange to

Sartoria Columbia: Dressing in the Dark

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Hard to go wrong with blues, greys, and whites. Last weekend, I got a new puppy. She is a golden retriever so, right now, she is an adorable fluff ball — which makes some of her eccentricities easier to deal with. One of these new behaviors is her morning routine — and it’s

Advanced Water Purification: The Bee’s Knees

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It's the bee's knees...see? This week, I’d like to re-run a column from a while back. The Bees Knees is a fantastic transitional beverage during this time of year when Daiquiri days cool off into Toddy Nights. I also find that I have more patience and creativity in the Fall and tinkering with

Sartoria Columbia: Selecting Fabric

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When commissioning a custom garment, picking from tens of thousands of fabrics can be daunting. Obviously, price can be a consideration, which narrows your choices a bit, but it doesn’t complete the task. We love talking fabrics and we flip through our books multiple times a day, with our without customers, ogling over the beauts