Our Story

American style means a lot to us. We are inspired by true iconic Americans: JFK, Charles & Ray Eames, Paul Newman, Ernest Hemingway, Teddy Roosevelt, even Steve McQueen, James Dean, or Hunter S. Thompson — these men epitomize American style for us, by both the way they dressed and how they lived.

It started in 2012 with the perfect button down shirt. First, we got the basics down: fit, fabric, and expert construction. But there was more — a certain character that brought the whole thing together. The perfect collar roll, single needle seams, and the unexplainable quality that makes it the one you get excited to wear. From shirts, came a full line of tailored apparel that bears the same ethos: the heart and soul of our products is skilled American craftsmanship.

We work exclusively with the few, premier American factories that we consider to be some of the best in the world. Each product we put our name on is uniquely American, beautifully constructed, and built to last. Our clothes are made to mold to your body over time and get better with age. It’s the way clothes should be made and we think you’ll notice the difference.

Our Process

The Showroom

At READ WALL, we take pride in providing you with the type of experience that has characterized the American man for centuries — we like to think we are reinventing the way men shop, but inspired by the way they used to. Our showroom is a place you can feel comfortable in, so feel free to grab a seat and stay a while. Come expecting good conversation, beautifully crafted garments, a traditional fitting process, and a our signature cocktail: bourbon, in a glass, with (or without) ice. 

Our process is pretty simple: we take your measurements using an old-fashioned tape measure and trained eye for tailoring. We're not Airport Security, so we've decided to  the 3D body scanners -- nor are we the hotel-room tailor with the "just gotta get this over with" attitude and little regard for your ’personal’ space. At READ WALL, we're guys with a unique insight into American style, a commitment to provide you with a memorable experience and, most importantly, clothes that fit you.


The Measurements

To create clothes that fit you, we stay true to tradition, taking all measurements by hand. Our fitters come bearing three tools -- a standard measuring tape, an eye for the proper fit, and a bit of something those 3D scanners have had a tough time getting a hang of: personality. Taking measurements by hand allows our team to make clothes the way that you want them to fit. While we’re happy to offer advice and guidance to get you looking your best, we like to take into account your preferences when you get fitted.

The Construction 

Our suits and sport coats are made with either a half or full canvas and a traditional American ‘natural’ shoulder. Our shirts contain no fusibles — only sewn-in, floating interfacings. All of these details add up to a garment that will mold to your body and will provide many years of faithful service.

There are a few factories in the United States that are still making clothes the way they should be made, focusing on quality, longevity, and craftsmanship -- cornerstones of American-made goods. Every product we make is crafted at a factory that has a story deeply rooted in American ideals, stories that have inspired us to celebrate union-made goods and the integrity and history of these factories that goes hand in hand.