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the original "Summer Selfie"
It’s going to be 67 degrees in our Nation’s Capitol today. It will be 70 tomorrow, 75 on Sunday, and 82 on Monday. No clouds, just straight sunshine. Fellas, I think we made it.

Last week, we discussed dressing fun—I think. I was a couple Azaleas deep. They are bright pink but they pack a punch. Colors do that sometimes.

It would be great if we could all take the spring and summer off. We could just play golf, tennis, or croquet (those are sports, right?), and never go back to work. Unfortunately work doesn’t work like that. So, despite the weather, we are forced to don our suits and hit the grindstone. But that doesn’t mean we need to be uncomfortable.

For your first few suits, we recommend 4-season weight wools (about 9 oz). These will provide the most versatility in the most situations. It’s a jack of all trades.

If you are looking to optimize performance, we can get a little more specialized. Cottons, linens, and silks are great options for the warmer weather, but usually do not provide the formality required for the workplace. So if you are worried about wearing suits in the heat, showing up to meetings sweating profusely, look for a wool suit made from a cloth at around 8 oz with a flat or open weave — like a tropical wool (it’s called tropical for a reason). As we keep saying, a light weight wool will perform better than any other fabric in the warmer months — it will wick sweat, and, with a crisp finish, will keep you feeling cool despite the extra layers.

And if you want to inject some weekend into your weekday attire, think about adding some color via your shirt. Seriousness has it’s place, but it’s tough to fully compartmentalize the fact that, in this weather, we’d all rather be outside on the lawn with a julep.


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