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from Take Ivy

Memorial day has come and gone. Beers were had and America celebrated.  The summer season is now upon us.
Time enters an alternate state, where it moves both faster and slower.  Weekends are swallowed by the ceaseless urge to maximize our time outside, with friends or with nature.  Plans for summer weddings provide added pressure to take advantage of the time we have without plans.
But in June, the possibility for summer glory is infinite, as is the potential for humidity induced discomfort.  Summer weight fabrics, such as 7 oz tropical wools, are great to combat the heat in the workplace from 9-5.  But on the evenings and weekends, sometimes the best fabric is no fabric.
As an adult, shorts have a controversial place in sartoria.  In many foreign countries, shorts are reserved for children, and any adult seen wearing them is immediately looked down on as lesser.  But here in America, we’ve evolved.
As with any clothing decision, one needs to balance occasion and formality.  You wouldn’t wear a suit to the beach, for instance.  Nor would you wear shorts to the boardroom.  But for a casual summer rooftop party?  Short on.  
Our preference is for slightly more structure and a shorter length, just above the knee.  We make our shorts the same way we make our trousers, just shorter; polished but with extra air flow.  Ceiling fans have been used for generations to cool rooms in the heat.  So next time you get a bit toasty next to the grill, pop a few quick air squats and thank your shorts for breeze.  

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