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FILA never looked so good.

There are a few events on the sports calendar that I get particularly excited for.  Many cite the Super Bowl or the College Football Playoffs, even the NBA finals.  And, while those contests are certainly fun to watch, they lack the intangible aura that fully commands the participants’ (and patrons’) respect and reverence.
The Masters at Augusta is the event that first comes to mind — It’s the best week of the year, in my opinion.  The history of the course and club, as well as the caliber of past champions makes the tournament, in my mind, more special than some of the other major rotations (Although I always look forward to the Open, this year at Royal Troon).  That one week in April seems to carry more weight than any other.
Wimbledon is another event that captures the imagination with it’s tradition, venue, and legacy.  Started in 1877 at the All England Club by some stodgy old Brits and initially held as an amateur tournament, Wimbledon has become the keeper of old world racquet sports tradition.  Maybe it’s the insistence on playing on grass, which is infinitely more difficult to maintain (just look at the baseline of court one by the finals match).  I can only imagine how nervous a novice (like myself) would feel kicking up a clump of turf after an ungraceful lunge at a passing shot.
The All England Club is also a stickler for a uniform: they are insistent that all players wear white while playing.  It’s pure, clean, and perfectly pretentious for a club with only 300 members.  This probably comes as little surprise, but I enjoy playing in tennis whites.  I’m not very good and the uniform adds an element of class while I’m slamming my racket after a third double fault in a row.
It’s a rare scenario in this day and age of sponsors dollars when the championship elevates the champion, instead of the other way around. So with the finals on Sunday, be sure to have some strawberries and cream and extra champagne; picture yourself rubbing elbows with Bjorn Borg, Bradley Cooper (we would obviously rather see him in a suit than a T-shirt — show some respect), or The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton; and appreciate the champion and the event. And at Wimbledon, without the tradition, we may as well just be watching the grass grow while the players compete on clay.

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