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There is no item of clothing more controversial in fit than the trouser. The modern trouser tends to be a bit slimmer, with less extra fabric through the leg which can create a nice, tailored silhouette when fitted correctly. When fit incorrectly, it can also turn your leg into sausage filling. Not a good look.
Trousers are meant to move with you. Think about the normal motions you make on a regular, pants-wearing day: walking, sitting down, crossing your legs, or, if you are late for a meeting, maybe a light jog. If you trousers do not allow you to make basic movements, they are too small.
Men also need to be consciously aware of their own lower half peculiarities. Some men have large thighs that rub together slightly when walking. A trouser that is too slim in the thigh for a gentleman with this particular affliction will wear through like sandpaper on balsa wood, no matter the quality of construction.
A proper trouser is not hard to make; the difficulty is knowing how to distribute proportions. We encourage men that want a very slim pant to think about their lives and consider a trouser with a little more room. It will be more comfortable and, I would venture to say, they will enjoy their lives just a little bit more when they do not have to worry about splitting their seat (or their ‘boys’) when getting in and out of a car.
And for men that prefer a looser fit, let us get rid of some of that excess fabric. the trouser will be just as comfortable, but look infinitely better.
As in all things, fit is about proportion — but for trousers, function means a little more when the anatomy is considered.

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