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Proper fit is a fickle thing. It has as much to do with emotion and self-awareness as it does the item of clothing. Human bodies are three dimensional and dynamic — they move and change shape with every action. Clothing is made from two dimensional patterns, shaped into a three dimensional form during construction, with the fabric adding a dynamic quality. But it is impossible to completely match the movement and variability of every day life.
Fit over time is a completely different beast all together. Synthetic fabrics like lycra or spandex shape and move and bounce extremely well initially, but over time they lose their elasticity and look worse than burlap. So, if anyone offers you a ‘perfect’ fit, know that they only selling snake oil. Or ocean front property in Arkansas.
When done right, suits offer a number of fit advantages that can hide or mask certain undesirable body characteristics. In order to help you identify what fits and what doesn’t, in the coming weeks we will use this section to highlight a few things to look for when buying tailored clothing, like shoulder slope, posture, and button stance to name a few. 
And if you all have questions, give us a shout. We are always happy to help you with your fit conundrums. Our in-store consultations are all inclusive — you’ll end up with an outstanding suit (or sport coat, trousers, or shirt), but just as important, our goal is to arm you with knowledge. Because, ‘the more you know’. 
I don’t know why anyone hasn’t used that phrase before.

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