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There is little solace from the heat in DC this time of year. Every day is warmer than the last and the sun stays out forever. It’s a great time to get your fill of vitamin D, but staying cool can be a challenge.

This is a time of year when crispness in fabric becomes paramount, especially for shirts. When choosing a fabric, many will fall under the spell of softness — because touchability is sexy. But add a little moisture, which is inevitable in the heat, and softness becomes sticky. And sticky is not a good feeling.

On a hot day, how would you choose lunch, assuming you have to eat outside? While baking and sweating, would you like to eat a cheese burger? Cheese burgers are objectively delicious, but they are also heavy, greasy, and warm. Or would you order a salad? Some light, cool lettuce, maybe fresh summer veggies (and bacon bits).

That’s crispness in a shirt: it’s choosing the salad despite not being as tasty, because you know, that given the situation, it’ll work out better. Crispness is foresight; it’s being responsible; it’s knowing that sexy is superficial.

So stop complaining about the heat and make the right choices to combat the pressure. You have the knowledge, so put it to use. Enjoy the long days and late nights and let your cup runneth over, not your pit stains.

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