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Michael Alden in the RW favorite Polo Coat
A chill is upon us and baby, it’s cold outside. Damn cold. The only true way to keep warm is to stay inside. Unfortunately, sometimes the best solution isn’t all that realistic.

Layering can put a dent into the chill. But a lightweight cashmere sweater under a sport coat will only take you down to about 40 degrees (fahrenheit, of course). A tweed sport coat may cover you down to 35 — but when I woke up this morning, my weather app said it ‘feels like’ 18 outside. 

Time for the big guns.

The topcoat is an often overlooked item, but when you need one, you need one. And you only need one.  Camelhair or Cashmere are the classics — and they work very well. A topcoat fabric is woven heavier than a sport coat fabric and will bottle in the heat.

Don’t go to crazy with the fit of a topcoat. Of course, we all want clean lines to complement our tailored getup, but a topcoat needs to fit over top a suit; too slim, and you’ll defeat the purpose entirely.  The length of the coat depends on your body type and style preference.  Shorter guys and anyone that plans on wearing the coat more casually should stay clear of longer coats.  

Remember, the primary goal of a topcoat is to keep you warm so use function as your guide.

Stay warm, bundle up, and start booking trips to the Caribbean, if you haven’t already.


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