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Garment Care

Your garments are an investment, be sure to hang them properly. The wire-hanger from the dry cleaner won’t get it done. Look for a proper wooden hanger with a one inch thick shoulder for suiting – this slight change can be a difference in years of life for your suit or sportcoat.

Well-maintained and cared for garments perform better than their counterparts in every instance – and will last longer too. Properly caring for your garments will ensure longevity, comfort, and a clean, finished aesthetic in your every day (not to mention it will save you money). Make an investment in your RW product and it will return the favor.
To keep your suit in winning shape, please follow these recommendations:


Though our suits are workhorses – rule of thumb says a suit should not be worn every day. After wearing, empty the pockets, hang on a wooden hanger, and let air dry. This allows the natural fibers to return to their original shape. For clients who expect to get an extended wear out of their suit – we recommend an additional pair of trousers.

  • Regular brushing keeps dust and grit from accumulating in the fabric – not to mention extending time between cleanings by 2-3x.
  • The steam from a shower will help restore the natural moisture of fine woolens and remove wrinkles. Remember to take the suit off first!
  • If you get caught in the elements, and your garment becomes wet, allow it to dry naturally at room temperature.


Not cleaning is the best cleaning: Do not dry-clean unless it is dirty (you’ll know), and always use a reputable dry-cleaner

If your suit is soiled in a specific area (i.e. food that missed your mouth) ask your cleaner to ‘spot clean’. This will save your suit from an unnecessary exposure to a harsh cleaning process.

The suggestions above can help avoid excessive dry-cleaning. While garment care is essential – please feel free to consult with our team of tailors to find the proper fabrics for your everyday habits and needs.

If you have any questions, or are seeking recommendations please contact us via email: support@