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Made to Measure Suits

Here at READ WALL, we strive to create the best made-to-measure suits in every way: better fit, better construction, better fabrics. Many contemporary menswear brands have used their marketing departments to blur the lines between traditionally well-defined levels of craftsmanship. We have a deep respect for the craft behind our products, all our made to measure suits are constructed right here in the USA from a pattern hand cut by our Master Tailor in Washington, DC.

Our styles are never skinny and provide ample room to move, live, and breath. Our silhouette utilizes a higher armhole, nipped waist, and slightly tapered leg to highlight strong shoulders and a tailored look, all while remaining comfortable.

All MTM jacket styles can be modified to achieve the perfect suit for you. Things like lapel width, vents, lining style, jacket closure (2-button, 1-button, 3/2 roll, double breasted), can all be modified. Details such as working button holes (surgeon’s cuffs) and hand finishings come standard.

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On Better Fit

While some makers touting MTM suits may simply adjust for jacket length, sleeve length, chest and waist size – our process utilizes more than 35 body measurements to optimize your garment for things like shoulder slope, button stance, and trouser silhouette at the thigh, knee, calf, and bottoms. In particular, we have a broad ability to adjust the chest shape, shoulder slope, and armhole shape of our patterns. It is imperative for comfort and overall appearance of quality that a jacket is fitted properly in these areas.

On Better Construction

All of our MTM suits and sportcoats are constructed here in the United States, with all patterns cut by hand by our Master Tailor in Washington, DC. The foundation for these beautiful garments is a full, floating horsehair canvas. Think of full-canvassing like the chassis on your car – you can’t see it but it is what determines ride quality, durability, and overall longevity. From real horn buttons to lustrous bemberg linings, we build out the full canvas construction with beautiful, high quality trimmings.

On Better Fabrics

Your fabric choice is what the world sees first — whether it enhances your eyes or complexion, mirrors your hair color for easy aesthetic symmetry, or highlights your more eccentric qualities.
A suit with bad cloth is a bad suit, no matter how good the fit and construction. For that reason, we work with some of the world’s best mills in Britain, Italy, Scotland, Japan, and the United States.

On the READ WALL Style

At READ WALL, we want you to feel confident that you will be guided enthusiastically within the bounds of good taste. We want your garment to be uniquely yours, but experience is a better teacher than most: we feel it is our duty to ensure you make choices that will transcend the two-year ebb and flow of fashion. We know that something classic will get worn more often than something flashy. We want our suit to be your go-to, drive-it-till-the-wheels-fall-off, favorite.

Our signature style is characterized by a higher gorge, mid-width lapel, high armhole, and suppressed waist to highlight a timeless and uncluttered look. With an updated classic-American aesthetic, we’ve utilized the soft-shoulder of the Ivy League sack suit and paired it with a lighter-weight canvas for a more comfortable, easy-wearing garment. We’re of the mind that the suit shouldn’t wear you, you should wear the suit. Our style focuses on substance over flash, and we believe that a strong foundation guides sartorial success.

Cost and Service

We find that most of our clients can purchase a MTM garment for about the same price as they could purchase and alter an Off The Rack garment. The fit on Off the Rack garments will almost never be as good as Made-To-Measure and the customer does not get to choose the fabric or styling.

Made to measure items are completed in 6-8 weeks with prices on suits beginning at $1195 for fabric ends, and $895 for sport coat fabric ends. Generally, the READ WALL sweet spot is $1450-$1800 for suits; $995-$1350 for sport coats.

We provide complimentary alterations service for all READ WALL made to measure products, assuming there has not been a dramatic body change requiring a new size. Alterations usually take about a week and are completed in-house with our skilled tailors.

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A Note From the Team

If you’re a critical dresser looking for a uniquely individual garment, one complete with a full-basted fitting process by our Master tailor, the RW Bespoke suiting program may be a better fit for your needs. We consider it the pinnacle of American tailoring, an experience unlike any other.