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It’s your wedding day. We want to be in your corner.

There is an increasingly popular trend among grooms to purchase a new suit or tuxedo for the wedding rather than renting a tuxedo and we think this is brilliant. Not only will a custom suit fit and look infinitely better than a rented tux, it can also be a versatile garment worn for years afterward, providing you a better investment as well as a practical memento, an extra boost of confidence every time you wear it.

Wedding Style

There is more to a wedding suit than an elegant fit.

Many couples find inspiration on Pinterest or in wedding publications before they even begin shopping for their ideal suit. We’re all for it. We enjoy helping you craft your ideal appearance and you can expect our personal engagement in this process. While we do not espouse any singular style or aesthetic for the modern groom we do think there are a specific set of considerations when designing an ideal wedding suit.

Count on us for an experienced and enthusiastic voice in this conversation.

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From well-coiffed business partners to slovenly brother-in-laws, we know how to turn your motley crew into a parade of gentlemen. And we like to have fun with the process.

We offer special pricing for full wedding parties.

We can work with you to make custom suits, tuxedos, shirts, and ties for groomsmen both near and far. We will do the legwork to make sure your out-of-town buddies get a great-fitting suit. Our absolute favorite wedding service is the group fitting: bring yourself and your best fellas, we’ll close the shop, pour the drinks, and take the measurements. There is not a more fun or less stressful way to outfit your wedding party.

And, if we may — custom shirts and ties make great groomsman gifts.

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