Advanced Water Purification: Cocktail Royalty

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QE2, almost certainly drinking the exact same drink I’m about to tell you about — from a gold chalice — because why not? (photo: Getty Images) Did you know that you can make almost any cocktail “royal”? Well, in the parlance of classic-cocktail naming anyway. The terminology works as such: Silver - shaken

Advanced Water Purification: Succo Coretto

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I was walking through the produce section of my local grocery admiring the yellow, pink, and orange bounty of fine citrus on offer when it occurred to me that we are smack dab in the middle of grapefruit season. Fine sleuthing, no? So I thought Id re-run a column from a while back which details

Sartoria Columbia: Spring Thoughts

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While it may not feel like it, Spring is right around the corner... right? Right. We can take solace in the cold knowing that in just a few short months (people forget that February is only 28 days!) warm weather will begin to shine through the bomb cyclone. With that in mind, our spring fabrics

Advanced Water Purification: The Aged-Gin Rickey

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An aged Ricky. Still got it. Regular readers will note that I am an aged gin fan. It’s a really solid platform for a bunch of cocktails, and one of the things I want to do with this column is advocate its use, as I want this spirit to be robustly represented behind

Advanced Water Purification: The Holiday Shot

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Planning ahead is the key to avoiding a dry Holiday season. Every household ought to have an available, if not traditional, holiday shot. My father used to recall with a chuckle how his dad, a Miller Lite guy mostly, used to shudder every time the men took the traditional shot of whiskey during

Sartoria Columbia: Dressing the Holiday Hangover

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Cary Gets It In last week’s column we tackled the question of what to wear to this season’s festivities - from the formal to the casual. Dressing appropriately and well for the party is certainly essential but an additional element of the equation, oft-overlooked, is what to wear the morning after. It’s a

Advanced Water Purification: Ike’s Egg Nog

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Pictured: Original Recipe As advised above, today we’re keeping it classic: 1950s new car, tract-house-in-the-suburbs, Rin-Tin-Tin, American-Dream, Red-Scare, Civil-Rights-Movement, Korean War, Cuban-Revolution, tinsel-on-the-big-tree CLASSIC. Whoops — sort of tripped over my soapbox there — forgot I left that thing out last night… Yes, today we are going reminisce about “happier times” with a

Sartoria Columbia: On Dressing for the Holiday Party

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Your holiday party looks a little something like this, right? Right!?(Photo: A Very Murray Christmas) Friends, it’s that time of year. Chances are you’ve received at least one Facebook invite, a work memo or two, heck, if you’ve got some extra-fancy friends you may have even gotten a handwritten card. But no matter

Advanced Water Purification: The Coupe

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"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" - John Keats Fasten your seatbelt — this is one of those columns. The coupe glass is an underutilized piece of stemware. Notice I do not say unappreciated, for I suspect that those who employ this vessel regularly appreciate it very much — I am