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Advanced Water Purification: Ike’s Egg Nog

Pictured: Original Recipe As advised above, today we’re keeping it classic: 1950s new car, tract-house-in-the-suburbs, Rin-Tin-Tin, American-Dream, Red-Scare, Civil-Rights-Movement, Korean War, Cuban-Revolution, tinsel-on-the-big-tree CLASSIC. Whoops — sort of tripped over my soapbox there — forgot I left that thing out last night… Yes, today we are going reminisce about “happier times” with a

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Sartoria Columbia: On Dressing for the Holiday Party

Your holiday party looks a little something like this, right? Right!?(Photo: A Very Murray Christmas) Friends, it’s that time of year. Chances are you’ve received at least one Facebook invite, a work memo or two, heck, if you’ve got some extra-fancy friends you may have even gotten a handwritten card. But no matter

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Advanced Water Purification: The Coupe

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever" - John Keats Fasten your seatbelt — this is one of those columns. The coupe glass is an underutilized piece of stemware. Notice I do not say unappreciated, for I suspect that those who employ this vessel regularly appreciate it very much — I am

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Sartoria Columbia: On Gifting Quality

Cashmere. The holiday season is officially upon us, folks. Best Buy opened their doors at 6PM on the evening of Thanksgiving, and you could hear a faint rumble signaling what was to come. Doors busted open making way for Black Friday’s wave of in-store MEGA deals and mom-on-mom holiday violence. Soon that rumble

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Advanced Water Purification: Granita

The source of our Granita recipe, Alton Brown keeps it dapper AND delicious. Since I wrote a coffee-centric column last week and we are fast approaching the holiday-entertaining season, I thought I'd transition back to regular programming via a combination coffee/cocktail column that we first explored during the Brunch Drinks series: Granita. Everyone

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Sartoria Columbia: The Full Roll

Chances are, if you’re a working man you have a number of dress shirts filling out your closet. Some shirts may have a point collar, others maybe a spread, heck – if you’re anything like our very own Steve Shao, some of your collars may need a pin. One collar, though, flies above all the

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Advanced Water Purification: Office Brewing

Chris and Steve enjoying a freshly brewed cup yesterday morning. This column has spent quite a bit of time discussing the way we drink after work, but what about the rest of the day? What’s a thoughtful, inquisitive, and all-around-nice fellow supposed to drink during the workday? That’s right, this column is going

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Small Business Saturday: Warm up w/ Cashmere, Toddys, Corduroy & More.

This Saturday is one of our favorite days of the year: Small Business Saturday. A perfect time to get some holiday prep done while you work off that Turkey from Thursday (and the inevitable turkey/cran/stuffing sandwich from Friday). At RW we’re proud to be your local men’s haberdashery, so this SBS we’re giving back to

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Sartoria Columbia: The Flannel Shirt

When most people think of a flannel shirt, I bet the old, heavy buffalo flannel is the first that comes to mind, complete with the oversize check, oversize fit, and blanket-like fabric. This might have worked for Paul Bunyan, but chances are you’ll look more like Dan Connor if you try to pull it off.

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