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On Alterations

Here at READ WALL, our DC-based workshop doubles as a full-service alterations shop. Whether it’s hems on our trousers or cutting buttonholes on our jacket sleeves, our team of expert tailors has all the tools to get the job done. All of our custom garments include alterations.

We also offer alterations services on your own garments. Our skilled tailors can give new life to otherwise uncomfortable or ill-fitting items.

A quick note: We pride ourselves on honest alterations. If we don’t think the outcome will be to our standard of quality, we will let you know. We understand the urge to save well loved or well made garments that just don’t fit, but sometimes the fix is expensive and difficult to achieve — in scenarios like this, we want you to be aware of the risk and make a decision with full transparency.

Additional services include making working button holes (also known as surgeon’s cuffs) on jacket sleeves. Working buttonholes can be done by our state of the art machine or by hand. We also offer reweaving services for some fabric tears. Each tear is different and requires special attention, but we are happy to assess whether our reweaver can take care of the job.