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Artisanal Collection

The READ WALL Artisanal Collection: American luxury at its finest.
The READ WALL Artisanal Line is the pinnacle of American craftsmanship. A hand cut pattern and custom try-on garment are created for each customer, with every detail chosen to fully express your unique style. Garments are fully hand-sewn by skilled tailors and craftsmen with the most exacting standards. We work with some the the world’s most storied mills, including Scabal, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis, and Loro Piana, in order to match your favorite fabric with this exquisite make.

The Artisanal fit process requires 3-4 fittings and is outlined below. 

First Fitting:

Your first fitting for an Artisanal suit, sport coat, tuxedo, or trouser starts with a conversation (and usually, a drink). We gauge your personal preferences — how you like your clothes to feel, fit, and move — as well as discuss practical design and aesthetic considerations to ensure your finished garment is ideal for its intended use.

We will take a number of measurements (50+), note posture and shoulder slope, and consider any fit peculiarities.  Because Artisanal garments utilize a custom drawn, hand-cut pattern, fitting challenges can be addressed without limitation.

Second fitting:

This is where the magic happens. In your second fitting we use a basted garment — a loosely constructed custom jacket and/or trouser made from a basic wool cloth — based on your measurements to further refine your fit, as well as to visualize the form, drape, and line of the finished garment. You will have the opportunity to see what your suit will look like before it is actually constructed and provide input while actually wearing the “first draft” of your suit, jacket, or trouser. This is the time to discuss details like gorge height, lapel width, button stance, sweep, etc. While the sky is the limit, you may feel confident that we will guide you attentively within the bounds of good taste. 

Final fittings:

The big reveal. While you admire your finished garment, we will mark the hem on your trouser and be sure you are showing equal amounts of cuff on both sleeves. We will also mark each sleeve so it can receive hand-sewn buttonholes. We may also take “just another eight of an inch … ” from below the collar. Because we are perfectionists.

When we are finally satisfied that you look your best, we send you and your garment off into the world, to be lived in and admired.

As with all our custom clothing, normal alterations are complimentary for the life of the garment — everyone gains and loses a little over the years.

In total, the process will take 8-12 weeks, which is variable and highly dependent on your availability for each fitting. This is not a process to be rushed and we believe that these garments are something special, worth waiting for. 

Prices start at $3400 for suits; $2500 for sportcoats; $3800 for tuxedos