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Our Difference

At READ WALL, we understand that the traditional retail experience isn’t exactly tailor-made for men. As a result we’ve endeavored to reinvent the way men shop, inspired by the way they used to - in a relaxed environment where clothes fit, where product is made to last, where every purchase is in an investment in yourself and your success. With a distinctly American-feel and tailors who are more like friends than stylists, our space is built for everything from high-intensity table tennis to conversation about your ideal wardrobe, career aspirations, or (realistically) SEC football.
When it comes down to it -- we’re just guys who have a real affinity for beautiful clothes and we’re committed to making the process that much easier for you, so you can take care of everything else. So drop in and meet our team - we’ll have beers on ice, bourbon on tap, and a space that's less store and more clubhouse. We look forward to seeing you soon.

What is the significance of an American made suit?
American suits have a distinct character that differentiates them from suits made in Italy or Britain, starting at the shoulder. Instead of a built up or roped shoulder, American tailoring utilizes a ‘natural’ shoulder that moves the silhouette seamlessly from the shoulder into the arm of the jacket. This allows the jacket to compliment the wearer’s character. In other words, we make a suit that you wear, not a suit that wears you.
We use a couple different construction methods depending on the desired suit. Our full canvas construction utilizes a full floating canvas that is designed to mold to your body from the moment you put the jacket on.